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About Our Company

Established last February 14, 2020, Robynn’s Gifted Hands Of Love was established on the love shared between Robert Wilson & Kathy Maclin. They desired to have a company that would help individuals live a quality-filled life despite having different conditions, illnesses, or developmental disabilities and to leave a legacy for their daughter, Robynn. Our company has built a reputation for providing quality-based services to clients, giving them the mindset that if you can think it, you can achieve it! We pride ourselves on the level of high-quality care services we provide to our clients.

Our commitment does not end there. To ensure our clients receive the top-quality care and assistance they need at home, we made sure to assemble a compassionate, professional, skilled, loving, and committed care team, serving our clients in a manner that will meet their expectations. Not only that, but we also conduct continuous workshops and training sessions to keep our care staff up-to-date about the latest innovations and processes in the healthcare industry.

Our Mission Statement

To maintain the quality of life for those needing help by providing non-medical home care services and supporting them to remain independent while living in the comfort of their own homes and providing peace of mind for their loved ones.

Our Vision Statement

We envision a company that strives to provide affordable and quality care services in an environment that our clients can live their best lives while achieving the highest standard of care.

care of senior women at home sitting on the couch

Core Values

  • Quality Care
  • Ethics
  • Respect
  • Safety
  • Autonomy

Who We Serve

We offer care to individuals and families dealing with the following challenges or conditions:

  • Individuals (elderly) with physical disabilities, limitations that need help in the home in assisting them to remain as independent as possible
  • Dementia/Alzheimer’s
  • TBI
  • Parkinson’s
  • And other chronic diseases

Meet with Us!

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